You can water your yard every single day!

The new water restrictions are VERY confusing and have, in fact somewhat disguised the truth of Houston’s water rationing! If you read the ordinance below you will see by looking further into a lower level of the ruling, it says as long as a person is holding the actual watering hose, you may water every single day…all day…to your hearts content! Note how one has to search for the truth here!

Chapter 47 of the ordinances deals with water.  47-253 is the Section dealing with the various Stages of Water Conservation, BUT it does not mention that watering with a hose is allowed. You have to go to another section of Chapter 47 for that.  The paragraph below lists “affirmative defenses to prosecution for violating that section”, which simply puts you cannot be charged with violating the code if you water by hand!  I don’t know why they don’t state this clearly in the section that defines the dates and times for watering.  You have to look it up in another section!  

Sec. 47-243. – Affirmative defenses.

It is an affirmative defense to prosecution under sections 47-252, 47-253, 47-254, and 47-255 that the water use was:
Authorized by a variance issued under section 47-245; or
Required to alleviate conditions threatening life, safety, or welfare of the public, including, without limitation, fire suppression.
Additionally, it is an affirmative defense to prosecution under section 47-253 that the water use was:
Applied to plants that had been planted or transplanted on the same day; or
Applied to plants by use of a bucket, watering can, hand held hose (with or without a nozzle), or other method in which the actor directly and by use of hands continuously controlled the application of the water.
Hope this helps you save your garden and yards.
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